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VMware vSphere for SMB

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VMware vSphere Small Business

Protect Your Small and Midsize Business with VMware vSphere

Protect your business with vSphere, the most trusted and reliable virtualization platform in the industry. With vSphere, you can simplify your IT footprint and maximize utilization of your existing IT infrastructure. Allow multiple virtual machines to share the computing, networking and storage resources of a single physical machine. Provide application availability with vSphere’s built-in business continuity features, policy-based service level management and integrated network security and firewall protection.

Are you an existing vSphere Enterprise customer? For a limited time, you can upgrade vSphere Enterprise Plus to VMware vCloud Suite for Free!

Protect Your Business

Protect your business data across your virtual machines with automated backup. Eliminate planned downtime with vSphere vMotion, which allows you to migrate your running virtual machines between servers without any service disruption. Provide application availability with vSphere High Availability, which automatically restarts your virtual machines on other servers when server failure is detected. Enable all these business continuity features without the costs and complexity of shared storage hardware with vSphere Storage Appliance.

vSphere also provides the foundation for disaster recovery with simple, cost-efficient replication that occurs at the virtual machine level. Add vCenter Site Recovery Manager to automate disaster recovery to a secondary site.

Simplify IT

With vSphere's management automation, you can free yourself from everyday menial tasks. Provision new applications in minutes, not weeks, and accelerate change request response times from hours or days to just minutes. Ensure your most important applications get the compute, network and storage resources they need by prioritizing workloads with policy-based automation.

Save on IT

Reduce your capital and operational costs by consolidating servers. Improve your bottom line by getting more out of your existing servers and limiting the physical resources you need to manage, power, store and buy. Many small businesses increase their x86 server utilization rates from 5-15% up to 60-80% and achieve consolidation ratios of more than 15:1 after virtualizing with vSphere.

Get Started Now

Get started with vSphere Kits, all-in-one solution bundles that allow you to quickly deploy and manage virtualization. These kits package licenses for vSphere virtualization and vCenter Server for centralized management.

  • Essentials Kits are perfect for small businesses looking to virtualize a single site.
  • Acceleration Kits are ideal for midsize businesses that require advanced management capabilities and can scale to grow with your business.

Whether you are a small business looking to provide application availability or a midsize business looking to implement policy-based datacenter automation across multiple physical sites, vSphere can help you align your IT resources with your business needs.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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