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BowBridge Software Ltd.

SAP Content Protection

SAP systems and applications are core components of modern IT-based business processes. While optimizing these processes, it often becomes necessary to grant partners, suppliers, customers or even total strangers access to data processed by SAP-based applications.

DS Illustration 2012 smallThis opening of applications and availability of data in Web portals increases the risk of storing and spreading infected content within SAP based applications. Your corporation's reputation is at stake and legal action may occur.

Unfortunately, traditional virus protection technology is not suited to secure SAP-proprietary data transfers. Therefore SAP and authorities such as the German Federal Office for Security in the Information Technology (BSI) recommend using content security tools leveraging the SAP built-in Virus Scan interface.

BowBridge solutions leverage that very interface and secure your SAP applications from malware and other content based threats.


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BowBridge AntiVirus Bridge for SAP Solutions

Content security and embedded virus scanning for your SAP applications. A comprehensive set of filters and virus scanning engines from McAfee and Sophos protect your SAP applications from malware and content-based attacks.

BowBridge - The company

Leading corporations worldwide put trust in BowBridge Software security solutions. Flexibility, performance and investment protection inherent to our products make BowBridge the vendor of choice for customers from all regions and verticals. So our solutions are the global de-facto standard for SAP virus protection.

Core competence

BowBridge Software develops and markets enterprise solutions to ensure data security in applications and central data repositories.

Applications can no longer simply assume the safety of business content they process. BowBridge's solutions enable checking of data content at the very application or before storing or retrieving it from databases and storage devices, contributing significantly to the overall security of mission-critical data and stability applications.


Our patent-pending AntiVirus Bridge technology leverages external content scan engines. Customers can choose freely from products by leading vendors, such as Aladdin, Kaspersky Labs, McAfee, Secure Computing, Symantec or Trend Micro.
Even switching the backend antivirus solution has no impact on the functionality of the overall solution. At all times BowBridge customers maintain flexibility and choice of their content security vendor.


The number of malwares and vulnerabilities embedded in potentially safe file formats is growing dramatically, as is the risk of being infected or distributing infected content while exchanging data with business partners. At the same time security measures at the infrastructure layer become less and less efficient, due to the increased use of end-to-end encryption. The risk of storing malicious content in applications and databases grows. Removing these files from there requires huge manual effort. Infected content, when passed on to external third parties can cause sustainable damage to your corporation's image and may even result in legal action.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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