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VMware vSphere - What is new in Version 5.1

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VMware vSphere Features

vSphere with Operations Management Features


VMware vSphere with Operations Management is the industry-leading virtualization platform combined with the ability to gain operational insight and optimize capacity. This solution is the key enabler for cloud computing architectures. vSphere enables IT to meet SLAs for the most demanding business-critical applications, at the lowest TCO.




Virtualize x86 server resources and aggregate them into logical pools that can be allocated to multiple workloads. 
vSphere ESXi Provides a robust, production-proven, high performance virtualization layer that abstract server hardware resources and allow their sharing by multiple virtual machines.
DRS Align compute resources with business priority by automatically load balancing across hosts. Optimize power consumption by turning off hosts during lower load periods.
vMotion Eliminate application downtime from planned server maintenance by migrating running virtual machines between hosts.


vSphere virtual networking provides network services optimized for the virtual environment, along with simplified administration and management.
Network I/O Control Define priority access to network resources according to established business rules.
Distributed Switch Centralize network provisioning, administration, and monitoring using datacenter-wide network aggregation.


Storage services abstract away the complexity of back-end storage systems and enable the most efficient utilization of storage in virtual environments.
Storage DRS Storage DRS provides smart virtual machine placement and load balancing mechanisms based on I/O latency and storage capacity.
Profile Driven Storage Reduce the steps in the selection of storage resources by grouping storage according to user-defined policies.
Storage vMotion Perform proactive, non-disruptive storage migration, eliminate virtual machine storage I/O bottlenecks and free up valuable storage capacity.
Storage I/O Control Prioritizes storage access by continuously monitoring I/O load of a storage volume and dynamically allocating available I/O resources to virtual machines according to business needs.
VMFS Simplify virtual machine provisioning and administration with a high performance cluster file system optimized for virtual machines.
Storage Thin Provisioning Dramatically increase virtual machine storage utilization by enabling dynamic allocation and intelligent provisioning of physical storage capacity.
Storage APIs Enhance your storage awareness, data protection, and array integration as well as take advantage of multi-pathing capabilities offered by third-party storage vendors.


VMware offers the most robust and secure virtualization platform available.
vShield Endpoint Eliminate anti-virus footprint in virtual machines and improve AV scan performance by offloading AV functions to a hardened security virtual machine.


Increase availability of all aspects of your infrastructure, including applications, storage resources, infrastructure and management.
High Availability Provide high availability across your entire virtualized IT environment without the cost or complexity of traditional clustering solutions.
Fault Tolerance Provide continuous availability for applications with zero data loss in the event of server failures.
Data Protection Protect your data through fast, agentless backups to disk, with de-duplication to minimize use of backup disk space.
Replication Eliminate third-party replication costs by using built-in vSphere Replication.


Automation provides accurate, consistent and repeatable solutions that saves IT administrators time and effort.
Auto Deploy Deploy and patch vSphere hosts in minutes.
Host Profiles Create a profile once and then use it to set up multiple vSphere hosts.
Update Manager Reduce time spent on routine remediation by automating the tracking, patching and updating of your vSphere hosts, as well as applications and operating systems.


Management provides the core control point into the vSphere with Operations Management environment delivering a true managed virtualization solution by adding workflow, monitoring and performance data, and capacity optimization.
vCenter Server Centrally manage vSphere with Operations Management.
vCenter Orchestrator Assemble workflows using an easy drag-and-drop interface.
vCenter Operations Standard Gain operational insight into the environment and allow for capacity optimization.

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