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Secure e-mail

the integral full-package solution by SEPPmail 

appliancesSending and receiving digitally signed and encrypted e-mails is now easier than ever. Thanks to the patented, world-leading SEPPmail E-mail Security Solution, SMEs and larger corporations now have a cost-effective and sender/receiver-friendly system to secure their entire e-mail correspondence at the highest protection level.

  • Automatic e-mail encryption and decryption that supports all prevalent standards
  • Convenient digital e-signature function with user certificate to verify message integrity and sender authenticity
  • Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for automatic certificate issue by an accredited certification authority
  • Managed domain encryption (MDE) for automatic e-mail encryption of transmissions between individual SEPPmail appliances
  • Effective protection against spam, viruses and phishing attacks

Recognized uniqueness

The multiple award-winning e-mail encryption appliances within the SEPPmail portfolio guarantee professional, cost-effective and fit-for-the-future solutions for secure and user-friendly e-mail communication. SEPPmail applications are the result of more than 10 years of technology design and application experience, as well as the continued implementation of a pioneering and patented systems architecture.

About the vendor SEPPmail:

Expierence, Passion and Competence - since more than 10 years

Visible competence – tangible commitment

Focused, competent, customer-oriented – these are but a few of SEPPmail's defining attributes. The internationally active company is headquartered in Switzerland and is the leader in the field of secure messaging. With its patented, multiple award-winning technologies for secure e-mail traffic (encryption and digital signature), SEPPmail makes a significant contribution towards maximizing communication security. SEPPmail shows an impressive growth rate and already has several hundred clients and more than 100,000 licensed users.

There are many reasons for this success:

  • SEPPmail has a clear focus on the area of secure e-mail; this specialization has lead to the acquisition of unparalleled expertise and experience.
  • SEPPmail stands for more than 10 years of experience in the field of secure messaging; the technological leadership resulting from this is recognized the world over.
  • SEPPmail is an economically healthy, owner-led company, showing continuous growth and with a focus on long-term objectives.
  • The award-winning secure e-mail appliances were developed in Switzerland and are based on SEPPmail's patented technology.

SEPPmail – committed to benefiting people

Our integrated, globally available secure e-mail solutions make a significant contribution towards secure e-mail communication.

By bundling our strengths such as innovative creativity, expertise and commitment, we will consolidate our position as the leading provider of easy-to-use, highly secure e-mail solutions.

We are successful only if our stakeholders are too. For this reason, our guiding principle is the long-term satisfaction of our customers and partners.

We aim to be an exceptional employer. Our central values include respect, openness and reliability. These values are shared with and by our employees at all times.

We are an owner-led, financially independent company. We pursue a prudent corporate strategy to ensure our long-term independence.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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