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Global IP Telecommunication - Enterprise Cloud

Next Softphone Generation


Feature Overview

enterprise-cloud Cloud Provisioning
Freedom and the possibility to implement your ideas - our powerful and flexible provisioning environment is the solution of choice for offices with 10 or 1500 employees, contact-, support- or call centers. Enterprise Cloud is highly scalable so that it is ideal for carriers as well as small, medium sized or big companies.


The entire administration of all end devices is carried out from a single computer via web interface. On-site installation and maintenance of telephony devices is not required, no matter if a work place is in a bureau or in a home office. You can activate, deactivate or reboot telephones or send messages to all or groups of devices.

As an example are extension lines easily linked to the Windows user names of employees. A user automatically gets his extension number assigned subsequent to logging on with the Windows user name (administered e.g. via Active Directory) - regardless of the specific PC he actually uses. Variable workplaces are no obstacles any more! Alternatively you can program Enterprise Cloud to display a separate logon window or you simply link telephone extensions to the fixed IP addresses of the computers of your employees.
enterprise-contacts Individual Workflows
Enterprise Cloud is an attractive solution to optimize work processes in businesses. Our telephones can be customized by performing only a few operations. A multi-tenant software architecture is used for each configuration. Enterprise Cloud provides diverse CTI interfaces to link our telephones to your customer relationship management system. Web browser based CRM systems, as well as desktop PC CRM applications are supported. For the latter, TAPI interfaces, Outlook AddIns and Action URLs are provided for 32 bit, as well as 64 bit operating systems. It is especially indicated to interact directly with web browser-based CRM and ERP systems via hyperlinks. The telephone thereby calls individual hyperlinks (Action URLs), which can contain target telephone numbers or telephone numbers from incoming calls. The data that is fransferred this way offers you all the freedom to display your contacts properly and to use the data for your work process (e.g.: golden thread, window for new contacts, contact history, etc.).

With the help of Enterprise Cloud, group- or user-dependent functional features are manipulated in next to no time. The same applies to SIP registration tasks, modifications of the user interface (skin) or even the visibility of the phone.
It is even possible to easily adjust key user scenarios like (e.g.) automatically accepting incoming calls with signal sound for support centers.

Enterprise Cloud is a professional administration software for our professional office telephones in your company, no matter if our telephones are used at a single branch office or at multiple sites.
enterprise-monitoring Call Monitoring
Do you have to show new employees for support or distribution in your company the ropes? With the Team-Monitoring AddOn you can attend telephone calls for training purposes and listen only or whisper or fully take part in calls. Inbound or outbound voice streams are selectively activated or deactivated (e.g. the audio stream of the customer or the one of the employee). When the connection is made,  the employee hears a sound to signalize team monitoring to him.
enterprise-security Data Security
All configuration files are secured with high encryption algorithms. Beyond that it is possible to configure the telephones to use audio encryption using AES or Polymorphic Encryption so that calls are tap-proof. This is especially valuable for employees who are on business trips abroad in order to prevent telephone surveillance and thus to prevent a third party from having access to key economical-, patent relevant- or other vital company data. 
enterprise-im Lync Support, Presence Status, Busy Lamp Field
In the field of corporate telephony, the classic busy lamp field display is closely linked to the activity status of employees. It is very helpful to easily see the actual activity status of telephone extensions in offices. Moreover allows our Lync 2010 interface to read as well as to set presence informationen from and into the Microsoft Lync world.

More advantages:

  • Concurrent License (no need to distribute license keys)
  • Rollouts in the form of a compressed archive, installation setup or GPO compatible MSI
  • Redundant Fallback Server possible 
  • Customization of setups with your own pictures
  • Simple SIP Channel (SSC) support in order to enable VoIP calls in restricted networks
  • Centrally arranged phone book that can be used by all employees
  • Group features or features for specific users can be configured
  • You create closed setup files that are only compatible with your system (with your Enterprise and telephony server)
  • Action URL for Reverse Lookup of contacts in your WEB-CRM (e.g. on inbound calls)
  • Option for reverse lookup in the klicktel phone book
  • Automatic recording of calls with individual file names and directories for storage 
  • AddOn for automatic recording of calls and storage in a database

System requirements Server

  • Windows 2012 (32 bit, 64 bit)
  • Windows 2008 (32 bit, 64 bit)
  • Windows 2003 (32 bit, no SBS support!)
Windows versions require the Internet Information Server (IIS 6.0 or higher) as well as the .NET Framework 3.5 installed. Please talk to us if you want to provision with a Linux Server.

System requirements Telephone

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Minimum: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
Optimum: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or higher


256 MB RAM, recommended: 500 MB


50 MB free disk space

Network connection

IP Network connection (Broadband, LAN, wireless)

Sound Board

Standard or integrated sound board

Webcam (Ninja Video)

Standard webcam, recommended Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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