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Avira AntiVir Exchange

Solid antivirus protection and antispam for Microsoft Exchange Server

Today more than ever before, business can flow only as smoothly as your communications. And email is at the center of it all.

No one can afford to overlook mission-critical messages hidden amid the chaos of junk mail. So install Avira AntiVir Exchange and stay focused – malware and spam will never slow you down again.

What´s new

Stronger protection, superior performance

  • An enhanced detection engine scans for embedded archives, blocking malware hidden inside graphics and other harmless-looking files.
  • Archives can be allowed or blocked according to the file types they contain.
  • An upgraded SPACE antispam engine spots the most subtle spam techniques while minimizing false positives.
  • Updates are faster and more stable thanks to optimized load balancing and error recovery.

More convenience, better use of resources

  • File size information is now included in scan reports to aid in bandwidth allocation and other calculations.
  • Antivirus and antispam engine update reports inform administrators of unsuccessful updates so they can be reinitiated promptly.


Optimum Security

  • Reliable, extremely powerful AntiVir technology with leading multi-award-winning detection performance
  • Fast reaction to new dangers through an in-house malware research center
  • With integrated spam protection and content filter

Low Costs

  • Extremely low administration costs through automated workflows and central management
  • Intuitive operation without long, expensive training times
  • All licenses incl. free updates, upgrades and Gold Support

High Investment Security

  • Fast, resource-saving scanning technology which reduces the load on servers and networks existing systems can therefore be used for a longer time
  • Transparent licensing designed to meet requirements without hidden costs
  • Free platform change to new or alternative operating systems


Uncompromising protection

  • Scanning of all incoming and outgoing or internally sent emails in real-time.
  • Recursive scanning of all email attachments, even of those in compressed form (archives).
  • Configurable scanning of attachments by file type and/or size.
  • Fast detection of embedded formats, such as executables that are hidden within a graphic format NEW!
  • Fingerprints with binary and/or name pattern detection, including Unix-created .gz archives NEW!
  • Complete scanning of manipulated Outlook elements in emails and Outlook forms.
  • Configurable filters for all scanning and protection functions.
  • Support for the SAP/CAR format and the PPMD and BZIP2 compression algorithms NEW!

Fast updates

  • Extremely small, bandwidth-saving updates of virus definitions through incremental VDF update.
  • Fast, seamless protection through updates without system interruption.
  • Optimized load balancing and error recovery during updates NEW!
  • Update history reports so that administrators can promptly restart any unsuccessful updates NEW!

Efficient configuration and administration

  • Local/remote administration of individual/several Exchange servers (multi-server environment).
  • Flexible scheduling of quarantine and Information Store scans NEW!
  • Rule-based corporate security through mapping of specific directives.
  • Enhanced quarantine and engine update status reports in the AntiVir Monitor NEW!
  • Comprehensive, detailed protocol, statistics and report functions.
  • Attachment size statistics to help optimize resources NEW!
  • Avira AntiSpam – additional module for spam detection and defense

  • Analysis of the complete contents of an email (subject line, message, attachment).
  • Detection of the newest forms of spam, including very short spam emails, spoofed headers and javascript redirect trick messages NEW!
  • Scanning for illegal, unsolicited or confidential contents.
  • Blocking of emails from defined senders (spam senders, mailing lists etc.) and to recipients.
  • User-specific administration of whitelists and blacklists.
  • Definition of sender/receiver channels to control specific email communication.
  • Flexible notification functions.

System Requirements

MS Exchange Server version

  • MS Exchange Server 2003
  • MS Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Update Rollup 4 (64 Bit)
  • MS Exchange Server 2010 (64 Bit)

Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2


Exchange recommended + additional 64 MB


At least 400 MB


  • CD-ROM drive or network access
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 not higher
  • 100 MB for event logging recommended

User access rights:

Users registered in Active Directory, with full read access to Active Directory.


Avira AntiVir Exchange Version 8 requires at least Exchange 2007 SP1 and Update Rollup 4 for installation on Exchange 2007. Please note that support for older platforms will be phased out. Please see our Product Lifecycle page for details.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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