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    Shipping of large amounts of confidential documents

    will be quite simple, electronically and safely.

    Reducing printing and paper costs - save postage - optimize processes

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    Prevent unnecessary deforestation.

    By using our solution tons of paper can be saved.

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    CyProtect AG

CyProMec Mail Encryption powered by SEPPMAIL 350


CyProMEC Mail Encryption

and the delivery of large amounts of confidential documents
will be quite simply, electronically and safely.

You regularly send a large number of confidential documents in paper form, such as pay slips, annual certification of income tax, the state of working time accounts, custom tailored offers of marketing campaigns etc.?
Then CyProMEC of CyProtect AG is the ideal tool for you: The information, which is already available in electronical form, is processed and passed to SEPPmail for being sent as a secure email message .

Highlights of CyProMEC

  • Printing, enveloping, franking, seal, physical shipping - all these things are completely obselet. You can best judge by yourself the impact on your costs and work processes.
  • Through the close connection with SEPPmail the benefits of this proven Swiss product are fully utilized - there are no security vulnerabilities. The encryption is performed with the patented and well-proven SEPPmail Gina technology in a PCI DSS-compliant format. Thus the confidentiality of documents is more guaranteed to a greater extent than it would be possible in paper version.
  • The recipient does not require any additional software on his device, and does not require access to the intranet; an Internet browser is sufficient. Not even a plug-in is necessary. This means that the received email can be read and deciphered on all devices that have a browser (PC, laptop, tablet, SmartPhone, etc.).
  • Nor is a key management necessary. Controlled issuing passwords is sufficient. In addition, a password self-management is available.
  • For the mail addresses of the recipients there are no restrictions, whether internally or externally, it does not matter.
  • Participation can be individually regulated. This allows an introduction step by step.
  • CyProMEC adjusts to your data center environment - not vice versa. A sophisticated plugin technology according to the latest state of the art allows access to all resources that can be addressed in your data center scenary. At this connection a customized integration into your company works without any problems.
  • And last but not least - the abolition of the shipping as paper has a intentional side effect - a reliev on the environment: Enveloping and physical transport are completely obselet; In addition, the recipients will print in many cases documents only by demand.

Electronical delivery - Easy and Secure

The shipment takes place downstream to your systems (SAP, LOGA, ...). The administrator launches the shipping out of a Windows application with a consciously simple kept surface, the intrinsic mechanisms ensures the necessary security in a seamless chain.
This process can of course also be fully automated and integrated into your batch environment.

CyProMec Elektronischer Versand Ablauf en

Now the receipient has the email with attachment in his mailbox, both Gina-encrypted. By double-clicking the program branches to the web-browser to launch the SEPPmail application for decryption. After authentication SEPPmail decrypts the email together with the attachment and shows both in the web-browser.
From here it is up to the receipient, how he want to work with his email and the attachment
. There are following possibilities: Display (for example in Acrobat Reader), printing to a local or a pin-protected printer in the department, saving in a encrypted folder, forwarding, and more.

CyProMec Elektronischer Empfang en

Data Center-Integration and Individual Integration via Plugins

CyProMEC uses a plugin technology, which allows to adapt all the essential characteristics of your data center scenery. CyProMEC of course delivers "ouf of the box" all necessary standard plugins. If a standard plugin does not apply to your specific needs, a special plugin can be created with minimal effort:

CyProMec RZ Integration en

  • You have the choice, if your want to send finalized documents or create and send documents which are prepared out of raw data and your specifications. Whether you want to send the output of SAP or another system with Human Resources or of any other system: A suitable plugin makes it possible.
  • If you want to create a layout according to your specifications instead of simple PDFs documents - no problem.
  • Whether you want to handle the control of the participants with on-board features of CyProMEC or use an existing database or a service - that is up to you.
  • The handling of undeliverable documents should be carefully considered: This applies to your work processes, so undeliverable documents should be stored in a way that supports your workflow best. For this there's a plugin, too.
  • And in one of the next versions there will be a support on personalization of the email text. Of course also with a plugin.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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